Cancer Survivors on Blessings

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It’s such a thought provoking question. For those of us that haven’t faced something as scary as cancer, it’s hard to put ourselves in their shoes. Fortunately, thanks to LiveLifeNowProject on Instagram we can hear open and honest answers to these questions. We are honored to share LiveLifeNowProject’s work here. This is part 2 of a 4 part series.

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If you’d like to connect on Instagram with any of the people who shared above, just look below.  

@sagemcrage  (“kickass cancer fighter”)

“I’m not dead yet.”


@gabigirl  (beat Stage 3B Ovarian Cancer twice)

I feel blessed because even though cancer has changed my life forever, it’s taught me that I can find the positive in every negative.”


@deee.06  (Stage 4 Colon Cancer, diagnosed at 32)

“I feel blessed because I get to wake up to my fiance and two kids.”


@jswansleeves  (Leukemia Survivor/AML – Phx AZ)

“Cancer gave me a purpose- and I am fulfilling it now… to create a world of Survivors!”


@amberhickey (23, from the UK, had dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans)

“I feel blessed because even though cancer strives to weaken, it taught me just how strong I can be!”


@tealonyx666   (“Ovarian Cancer Warrior”)

“I feel blessed because everything I’ve been thru with cancer has given me a totally different outlook on life. You find out who your real friends are, what is important to you. Those little things that may not have meant much to you prior to having cancer mean so much to you now.”


@bulldogslife  (Inflammatory Breast Cancer, NJ)

“My Family was on my Team. Not only are you diagnosed but your family as well! Thank You for fighting with me!”



“I Got To Here. “



I can look into the eyes of those who helped me and, without saying a thing, they know how important they were for my survival.”


@kaitlynryan23 (Stage 4 her2 positive breast cancer survivor, California)

“I have an incredible family, friends, boyfriend and boxer pups who continued to keep me positive now and during treatment. Because of them I knew giving up wasn’t an option. Im still here, alive and NED. There’s nothing I could be more grateful for.”


@mpomputius  (Ovarian Cancer Survivor)

“First of all that I’m alive and 2nd that I was able to make a positive impact out of what happened- I wrote a children’s book for other mom’s who have cancer to realize that no matter what cancer does to them, you’re still the same AMAZING mommy!!”


@fiftyshadesof_pinkk  (Breast cancer Survivor)

“I could have died, but didn’t!!”


@bodybyian (I have CTCL, New Jersey. “Cancer Warrior”)

“I’m blessed because my strong group of friends and family. They’re the rock that keep pushing me to greatness. Plus, being motivated with my goals also push me and blessing me with many opportunities.”


@loveandlightyo  (breast cancer fighter)

“I am alive!!”


@lmhbeatles  (Stage 2 breast cancer)

“My miracle baby survived 12 rounds of chemo while in my belly.”



“I’m going to see my son grow up”


@sunnydivaniki (Stage IV metastatic melanoma (brain and lungs). California. Diagnosed 2.5 years ago

“My doctors have learned from me, giving my life purpose.”



“Feel blessed for every single day to see my daughters continue to become great young ladies!”


@headheld_high (stage 3C ovarian cancer, Warner Robins, GA)

“I feel blessed because cancer has opened my eyes to what’s really important in life & made me not pay as much attention to insignificant little things.”


@sesguerra12  (stage 4 cancer survivor, currently in remission)

“I feel blessed for having the chance to have lived a good life, I have a beautiful daughter, accomplished many work goals, met wonderful people in my life, have a great family who loves me and now I have met a wonderful man who is my soul mate. Whatever happens I’m happy, I wish my cancer would go away but that’s just the imperfection of my body. I’ll keep fighting and living my life that will never change.”


@mattwakefield_35 (35, 2 times testicular cancer survivor, and daddy to twins)

“I feel blessed because I survived cancer.”


@pinaambrosino  (stage 3 breast cancer, in treatment)

“I feel blessed, because facing my mortality has helped me to live authentically.”


@ruthlorraine1 (Recurrent breast cancer, stage 4, metastasized in lungs, lymphnode and rib bone. South Pasadena, California)

“I feel blessed every morning I wake up and still l am alive to enjoy life to its fullest!!”


@at_vitality  (Flower Mound, Texas; “breast cancer fighter and survivor”)

“I feel blessed because I listened to my gut/instinct and stopped chemo for Stage III Triple Negative Breast Cancer (as a single mom) and have successfully conquered cancer by healing the whole body and its root cause.”



“I feel blessed because all the love and life my soul can contain cannot be withered by this cancer. I’m still happy and still feel grateful for every day that I have. Life is precious and it is something I knew as a child. As an adult, recently diagnosed with lymphoma that hasn’t changed and my battle for survival is to show all that no matter what, we are gifted with life. It is a gift.”


@tiffanichelsy (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia survivor, Las vegas)

“I feel blessed because I beat acute Promyelocytic leukemia. Because I had so many loved one supporting me through my battle. Because I’m alive. And because the doctors told me I probably won’t be able to have kids after chemotherapy and I just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl on March 3, 2016, two years after I beat cancer.”


@xzombienursex (Had stage 2B NonHodgkins Lymphoma, from Seattle WA)

“I’m alive! I have a wonderful life and so much to be thankful for. Cancer taught me to find and appreciate the good in everything I’m lucky enough to experience.”

I want to thank LiveLifeNowProject for allowing us to share their work at GratitudeSpace! We are honored to do so. Thank you, Richard! All of the images and words provider here are owned by LiveLifeNowProject. I look forward to sharing the rest of this four part series with you on Happiness, Strength, and Love! Go check out LiveLifeNowProject!

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