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Mark Dhamma is a celebrity personal trainer, former Men’s Fitness model, sports nutritionist, strength & conditioning coach and an Executive Performance Coach with a Masters in Positive Psychology.

He’s not only an expert on diet and body transformation.   He is an expert on the mind and more importantly, mindset.  That is what led him to get his Masters in Positive Psychology.  Mark understands the power of being grateful and teaches it to his clients.  He also shares it with the world.  He recently released an amazing video series where he shows the key steps to becoming a Warrior.  A big part of that is having the mind of a Warrior through practicing gratitude daily.


Jefreaux Peairs

When I met Mark less than a year ago, I immediately thought “this dude is awesome”. When you’re talking to him, you see that he’s really listening and paying attention to every word you say.

He’s not the type of person that is trying to come up with the next thing he’s going to say so he can get a word in.

He’s truly listening and actually looking for ways to help you improve your life… whether that’s through asking an epiphany generating questions, making an introduction, or just giving a word of encouragement.

Mark is the type of person that applies positive psychology to every area of his life, and helps others apply it to their life, and it works.

Mark is passionate about helping others get results daily, and it shines through in everything he does and in every interaction he has.

If you have the privilege of meeting him or working with him, you’ll quickly realize why he’s so good at what he does.

Ben Avanzato

Ben Avanzato

I am so grateful for my good friend Mark Dhamma.  He has taught me more about health than anyone else in my life. I’ll focus on the two most influential pieces of advice he gave me!

First he taught me about the alien bacteria that lives insides of us and THRIVES off of prebiotics and probiotics. I had never heard about probiotics before Mark. He taught me to try to eat saukraught or Kimchee with every meal. And the probiotic journey for me has gone deep. I have stopped myself from getting sick over 5 times now just by eating loads of probiotics. Because probiotics are the main defense against illness and the best immunity booster. Not getting sick saves me HUGE amounts of time so this has been invaluable in my life.

Second he taught me that blue light can give you cancer. I remember he was wearing these funny looking blue blocker glasses and I asked, “Dude you look like a construction worker, why are you wearing those?” He basically broke it down for me explaining that the blue light that most light bulbs put off messes with our pineal gland which secretes our melatonin. It tells our pineal gland not to make any melatonin so we make less melatonin which is a huge natural antioxidant. So this makes us not be able to get to sleep and not get any of the health benefits, some studies have linked low amounts of melatonin to an increased risk of cancer, of having more melatonin circulating in our brain. So the solution is to wear the blue blocking glasses about 1 -4 hours before you go to bed and you will secrete way more melatonin. When I started doing this it changed my life. I sleep better, look better, and feel better.


Jefreaux Peairs, Chris Palmore, and Mark Dhamma in Laguna, CA summer 2015

I had the honor of meeting up with Mark and Jefreaux when I was out in California on the “Punching Depression tour.”  We discussed gratitude and the importance of sharing it.  To watch the video from that meeting click the image to the right.


If you are looking into getting into shape with your mind and body, I highly recommend his video series which you can access for free from this link:  Thanks Mark!  He also has a bonus audio series you should check out through that link.  Spoiler, track three is all about Gratitude!  I’ve placed below some of his recent posts.

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Mark is an amazing motivational person who anyone would benefit from getting to know.  His passion comes through in his voice and with an authority of one who practices what he preaches.  I want to thank him again for the daily post, amazing video and audio series he is sharing with the world.  I look forward to seeing what comes next.   Sincerely, Chris

About Contributing writers:   Ben Avanzato is the Vice President of and Health Coach No Sugar Diet Founder of Ben’s Chocolate Subscribe on Youtube for weekly for healthy snacks and low carb recipes

Jefreaux Peairs is a Founder at Smart Marketers Mastermind and CEO & Founder at BigLocalMarketing / Market Dominators, Inc.

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