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Dear Mom,

I can’t remember exactly what happened on the day of September 9 the year of 2002. The day I was born all I know is history happened that day. Everybody in my family said that I looked adorable. But, going through the years I had my best years.

I felt like these years were the best because of my mother and father. You both worked and worked. I saw you come home tired every day. I was always full of energy asking to go outside and you did. You guys never complained about your jobs. You made me think that work was a place where you go and come back at night with money.

Now, I know the sacrifice my mother and father made to give me a good childhood. During my time maturing it was a realization period for me. I learned that since you made sacrifices for me that I also should make sacrifices for you. I went 10 miles from home to get mom a flower for her gift on her birthday.

Her birthday was like my day to give her my appreciation so I helped her as much as I could. Mom in my mind, you are the best mom I could have. The same goes for you, dad. We are not perfect because we all have flaws. We are human and I am proud to be your son.