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Antony is an author and teacher. He has spent the past 2 years writing the inspirational book IF I CAN DO IT – YOU CAN TOO. It details his journey interviewing people from different parts of the world who overcome adversity to achieve extraordinary things. This includes people who have overcome cancer, paralysis, addictions and eating disorders to create global charities, become best-selling authors and includes one man’s journey living in hospital for 12 years, to coaching Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.
He is currently creating a school for orphans in Kenya, a school named after his book as he continues to inspire children and adults around the world. Antony is the author of a further 3 books on education and has helped people secure employment in over 25 countries and has received over 2000 testimonials. His work has received global acclaim from Personal Development experts, including co-author of the Success Principals and Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield.
Antony is a regular speaker and teacher in schools in the UK. For the past 5 years, his goal setting programme have received outstanding ratings from government inspectors as he continues to help hundreds of students secure employment with multi-national organisations. Antony is a regular keynote speaker and has spoken for corporate and charity clients in front of celebrities and Ambassadors from others nations.  Antony holds a degree from the University of Liverpool in Business and regular mentors university students. His YouTube channel is one of the most viewed in the world for teaching interview techniques.

What does being grateful mean to you?  

Gratitude means peace. Living in the present and focusing on what I have. 

Right now in this moment what are 3 things you are grateful for? 

I am grateful my desire conquers my adversities. It means my self-doubts or obstacles are dwarfed my desire to help others.  It is something I am very grateful for.

My parents for being so supportive while I have been creating my book, If I can do it, you can too. It’s taken over 2 and half years and there have been a lot of frustrations, a lot of setbacks, but also there have been positive things and I could not have done it without their supportive.

I am grateful for being able to teach in schools and have the flexibility to follow my dreams at the same time.

Who has recently inspired you? Who does Antony Stagg call his mentor?  

There are many people. There are 20 people I have interviewed over the past couple of years have been fantastic mentors. Mentors are a guide, they see the path you want to travel and help with the pitfalls. On many occasions, I have tried to do everything myself. It pays to have a mentor. Your job is to seek one. You can learn how I have done it here.

Community. I love my family and friends and they lift me up. Without amazing people around me, life wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

In closing, what is one suggestion that you can give our readers that can help them incorporate gratitude into their daily lives?

Start and begin the day with gratitude. Set out a specific time. Since May 2014, I have recorded a diary 3 things a day that I am grateful for. What I have found is when I am anxious or trying to spin too many plates, it’s because I have gone through a period of not expressing gratitude. Gratitude changes the mindset; it allows you to train your brain by looking for the good and not the negative. Do it for 7 days, commit to it, and visualize what you are grateful.

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