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Meet Jen Esquer! She is a passionate physical therepist that is empowering others to love themselves. She is the force behind the #gratefulformobility movement!
We all take things for granted, especially things that seem like they will be with us forever. How often do you reflect on how grateful you are for something as ever present as mobility? Everyday most of us move about through our day and do not give it a single thought.
The #gratefulformobility challenge ran January 1st through the 7th. Everyday she would send out a movement to practice to better different parts of the body. Her response was huge! Thousands of people posted themesleves practicing the moves with statements of gratitude too! (we are happy to be sharing some of them at the end of this article)

With such a warm response of the love that was born from the challenge she will be having another in April.  Now enjoy this exclusive interview with Doc Jen!

What does being grateful mean to you?  

It means truly dropping into the appreciation of all I have within and around me.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 5.08.30 PMRight now, in this moment what are 3 things you are grateful for?  

1. The health of my body and mind.
2. The health of my family and friends.
3. The response to people participating in the mobility challenge and finding their own appreciation for their bodies.

What inspired you to start the Grateful For Mobility Challenge/ #gratefulformobility?  

I wanted to create a free challenge that would bring awareness and appreciation for the body. That means getting people back in tune with their bodies, recognizing their restrictions, and having overall gratitude for what they have now and what they have the power to create in the future.

You are empowering others to be grateful for their bodies. Who in your life has empowered you in very personal self-loving action?  

The example set from my immediate family members, especially from my mother, taught me to really utilize every aspect of this healthy body that we’ve been given. Working out was never a chore but a way of life, and this is was the example that was set for me from an early age. Then, once I entered DPT (doctor of physical therapy) school and I met a professional marathon runner who is a bilateral above-knee amputee, an inspiring man who has cerebral palsy living out of a wheelchair and you cannot understand his speech, yet he lives alone and began swimming when he gained too much weight to pull himself back up into his wheelchair. Another young woman born with JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) has had several surgeries, extremely limited ranges in her joints, yet runs and does yoga daily. When you realize, we are all capable beings, there are no limitations. We are just meant to move and explore within the body we have been given.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 5.00.07 PMNow that the challenge has ended, when will the next one start and where is the best place to be updated on this?  

I will be hosting the next challenge around my birthday in April. There will be no prizes this time, as I will be asking people to donate and post for donations to a charity! The more people participate, the more I get to donate! The greatest gift to me is seeing people get back in touch with their bodies and find appreciation and importance of taking care of it.

What is one suggestion you could give to our audience that can help them find complete gratitude in their bodies?  

I suggest saying 3 things you are grateful for every night. It is a practice my boyfriend and I practice every night before bed and at least one of our gratitudes has to do with being grateful for this healthy body we were able to move with today.

Jen only has so many hours in the day to help others, so she created the mobility method.

To learn more about how to Relieve Pain, Prevent Injury and Optimize Movement in just 10 Minutes a Day,

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I want to thank Jen for taking the time to do this interview and for sharing her passion for gratitude in helping others!  I look forward to checking back with her in April during her next #gratefulformobility challenge! 

Connect with Doctor Jen at – Instagram |  docjenfit.com/  |  Facebook

So I hit the #gym on the days when I have two kids in school, on the days I have #twokids at home I do an in-home #workout. Today was some #yoga for hip flexibility! My #littlegirl decided to join and it was #awesome! #wholehealth means doing varying methods to build #strength and #flexibility to lift heavier and #squat deeper. Besides I love showing my #kids that fitness doesn’t have to happen at the gym. If you can’t make it to the gym you can get #fit at home too! #girlswholift #crossfitgirls #liftheavy #yogababy #yogatrapeze #homefitness #stayathomemom #momofthree #gratefulformobility #docjenfit @docjenfit you inspired me to continue working on mobility to strengthen my body and for that I am eternally #grateful

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